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"GetEase Pro saves me a lot of time. No phone calls and What'sApp all day long."
Anna B.
Masseuse since 2012
"I love everything that makes my life easier with GetEase Pro. It makes the client do the work for you. Just turn up to work and have the app do the rest."
Michael B.
Personal trainer since 2022
"GetEase Pro makes my clients happier and gives me more time! Clients appreciate the SMS reminders and show up or notify about changes every time now. It makes my life so much easier!"
Evy .
Hairdresser since 2020
"GetEase Pro has really helped me grow my business. I gained multiple new customers after joining the Marketplace!"
Eric K.
Personal trainer since 2022
"Finally, more time for myself! GetEase pro eliminated the need to waste time on calls finding dates for appointments."
Sabrina L.
Personal trainer since 2022
The getease marketplace
Become visible to thousands of new customers
The GetEase App for clients enables customers to find any kind of professional, anywhere. This app will make you visible to the entire GetEase community and help you attract more potential clients. No more stress about running marketing campaigns or doing Instagram promotions, as we handle campaigns around the clock.
Get access to the GetEase client base
Promote yourself effortlessly with your personal profile
Get advice on which prices to set to attract the most clients
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Get discovered
Make your business visible online!
Make your business visible online!
Get booked on the GetEase app
We do the marketing for you
Full control over your own working hours
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All-in-One Calendar Management
It's never been easier to have complete control over your business.
With GetEase Pro managing your work agenda and running your business becomes very easy and efficient. It will save you time and help you grow.
Save time for yourself with Calendar Blocks
Import your contacts
Calendar updates immediately after a booking is confirmed
SMS Reminders
Client cards
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GetEase Pro is just €19.83 per month. 1 month free trial.
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We don't like chatbots. When you join GetEase, your dedicated business manager will help you set up your account, migrate from other softwares, import clients, get financial insights and much more! We are here for you.
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For whom is GetEase Pro?
GetEase Pro supports business providers looking to run and grow their business in the most convenient way possible. We know that managing a business can be overwhelming, so GetEase helps you by providing you with all the tools and knowledge that you need.
What is the difference between GetEase Marketplace and GetEase Pro?
GetEase Pro is a software in the form of an App through which professionals can run and grow their business. The GetEase Marketplace is a platform through which clients can order all their desired lifestyle, beauty and housekeeping services right to their homes. GetEase Pro-registered professionals can choose to register on the GetEase Marketplace to display the services that they provide in order to grow their client base even further.
Do I automatically join the GetEase Marketplace when I join GetEase Pro?
No. GetEase Marketplace-members must be registered on GetEase Pro. In order to ensure high quality, however, GetEase must first conduct a screening before opening your profile on the GetEase Marketplace. Please contact GetEase via the App or through email to apply for the GetEase Marketplace.
Can I easily add clients to my Client Overview?
Yes. You can manually add, alter and delete clients in your Client Overview. If you wish to add a long list of clients at once, you can directly import them from your own contact list.
Can I communicate with my clients through GetEase Pro?
Yes, you can call and chat with your clients through the App, provided that your Client is logged into the GetEase Client App. Otherwise, you may simply contact your clients via the contact platforms that you have at your personal disposal.